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A Guide to Cafe Insurance

If you already own or are looking to own a café then you are going to need to know about café insurance. Whether your café is going to be the style where people pop in for a quick snack, or sit down and have a full meal, you are still going to need some café insurance in case of any accidents or mishaps. It is very easy to say that nothing will go wrong when you are running a business, however this is not always true. Sometimes you can not see that things are about to happen. For instance, if one of the members of staff spills a drink in the customers seating area without noticing, and someone then slips on this spillage they are able to claim compensation. Without any forms of café insurance this compensation comes directly from your pocket. Something that not everyone can afford.

With the compensation claiming solicitors on the up rise people are often tempted into a “no win, no fee” type of deal, where they try and claim as much money as possible from companies with the knowledge that the do not really have anything to lose. This is encouraging more and more people to take part in these schemes, which can cost companies a lot of money.

It is not just customers who can claim however, people who work in the café can also make claims if they have suffered an injury which is no fault of their own. For example, if they were to get scalded by boiling hot water because there were not proper precautions taken to prevent accidents, like leaving a wire plugged in and running across the floor, then you as the café owner are responsible. This means you need to have more than one type of insurance too. Not only do you need to have a public liability insurance policy to protect the public, but also an employer’s liability insurance policy to protect the people who work for you.

Being safe at work is a very important and well spoke about topic. Health and safety precautions in places of work are often thought of as verging on ridiculous, however these are precautions that need to be set into place to protect the company from getting sued or having an at fault accident at work. If there was not a comprehensive health and safety manual for the business and accident reporting systems, then people could get seriously hurt, even in a café.

You need to ensure that you speak to a professional about your café insurance before you take it out so that you know the policy inside out. You need to know where you stand in certain situations and what you need to do should you have an accident. You must make sure that you are covered for everything and do not leave anything out, doing so may lead to a very costly accident where you could even lose your whole business, which costs a lot more than checking you have a proper insurance policy.
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